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Pack Edge offers generous employee benefits to fit your lifestyle and your family's needs.  As an employee-owned company, we strive to have the best benefits that we can get, at an affordable rate.  We focus on a great environment to prevent undue stress or unhealthy situations, and as research shows, happy people are more productive and may even longer so we are all about that too.   We have fun and we enjoy serving our customers.  If this sounds like the kind of place where you want to work, apply with us. Most jobs are posted on Indeed. 

We offer:

  • Healthcare
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance & Supplemental options
  • 401(k) Matching Plan with a Traditional or Roth Option
  • Employee Stock Ownership Program
  • Flexible Spending Account 
  • Paid Tiem Off
  • Holidays
  • Free Lunches and other Perks!


Call today for more details 207-799-6600.